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What Changes I’m I Making Now?

Pause & reflect

by Rodrigo Nino

March 30, 2020


After we came to a hard stop, the fear entered, and I realized I have the opportunity to also pause and reflect.  So far, I have reaffirmed the following values:

I honor my parents, my elders and everyone’s elders.  I uphold to protect and thank them for everything they have done for me and forgive them for any hurt they may have caused from my perspective.  They were only human after all. I can see them with a different lens and decree to comfort, talk to and support them. I will lovingly say goodbye if it comes to that and let them know that they are not alone even if we’re no longer physically together.  

I honor the ill.  I’m clear that my calling is to help those that are vulnerable as I am vulnerable too.  I send my thoughts, prayers and loving energy to those that are sick in contemplation every day.  I will not allow them to feel alone. Every time I see the statistics, I send my compassion. Magic works!

I forgive. I forgive myself and others for mistakes and wrong doings.  I am now aware of how our actions, thoughts and prior lives affect us and consciously decide to be my highest expression.  Now that we have the opportunity to choose between going back to the old system of negative polarity in sacrifice or the new system of positive polarity and coexistence, what are we going to choose? 

I am grateful. I welcome the opportunity to change. While I may be afraid and compassionate towards all that suffer, I am grateful for the opportunity to see what I couldn’t see before. I welcome the gift, the superpower that was given to all of us of understanding that we have a choice.

I am aware now. I remember that the order of the factors alters the product. 



I realize now that where I thought there was only one, there are two and I just didn’t know.  

I will let go of traditional politics. I will definitely step down from the boxing ring. I will not keep up the fight between left and right when both failed in taking us into the next step of human evolution. It was all an illusion. 

I let go of violence in any way. I will not engage in anything that incites violence as the means of communication in any way. I know now that it was never an issue of male and female, black and white, American or not. It was always about service to others or service to self. 

I embrace change. I welcome change and transformation as I let go of the old system to welcome the new. I want to join in collaboration with those that want to build a new foundation for civilization.  Everything that I know about the impact of my own carbon footprint has to be put into action. We must implement all the solutions that science has been giving us for the past 30 years for the next 30 years now if we have a chance of making it.

I make the choice. I choose service to others. If something is clear, is that service to others is all I want to do as the means of achieving my purpose. I let go of individual interest at the expense of others. I make inventory of my resources, my gifts and talents and make them available with all my heart to the consciousness rebellion. I choose love and understanding over sacrifice and fear. 

I am hopeful. I believe that transformation is the only path forward and I believe that we can align ourselves with the natural cycles of life on earth. I embrace the new perspective of life I have. I cannot unsee what I have seen. 

I will take care of my mind. I realize now that I had to stop to find out who I really am. I welcome contemplation, meditation and prayer in any of its forms. I realize I need to go inside to go outside and connect with everything there is. I know that I need the support of something greater than myself. 

I choose humanity. I embrace science once again. I will not ignore what science is telling me about the nature of the solution to the problems we have. I will not put the economy over human life and its balance with earth.  

I will take care of my body. I am mindful of what I eat and how it impacts Mother Earth, I will drink more water, I will sleep better too. 

I know that the time is now. If I don’t act now, then when? What am I waiting for? I realize that life has given us an opportunity to transform ourselves and restore the natural balance of all things on earth.

What about you? Please share and let me know about you. 

If you share the inner knowing that all beings and things are interconnected, a radical impulse of mutual care-taking and an urge to come together with others like you to envision the next step for humanity, then this is for you.

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I want to connect and hear from all of you