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Notable Speakers

The Evolution of Humanity

Deepak Chopra, Anahita Moghaddam, Mo Gawdat and Susanna Choe explore the cultural impact of AI

by Andrew Kluger

August 10, 2018


Together with Deepak Chopra, Anahita Moghaddam, Mo Gawdat and Susanna Choe—thought pioneers at the intersection of consciousness and evolution—we explore the future of humanity by examining human species survival tactics in the face of artificial intelligence and evolution.

The critical problem they debate is whether the singularity in artificial intelligence will bring about the destruction of the human population. AI will presumably mirror the value systems of humans, which have been shown to prioritize individualism and self-preservation over collective well-being. Of course, given the option, humans usually choose peace and prosperity for all living things with which they identify — but in a bind humans will narrow the ring of family smaller and smaller, making alliances across tribes only when necessary. The underlying fear is that any artificially intelligent being will make the necessary sacrifice of eliminating the human race to solve critical problems, such as overfishing, deforestation and climate change.

The clearest solution to this otherwise inevitable extinction revolves around inseparability – the concept to describe the single-origin connectivity of all living beings. If humans can perpetuate oneness, compassion, and love among themselves, they could also imbue AIs with these values since it would also, of necessity, have arisen from this same single origin of consciousness.