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The New Paradigm

The Consciousness Rebellion

The foundation of a new civilization

by Rodrigo Nino

March 31, 2020


Have you realized yet how you need to be willing to leave behind what you have known? 

After the hard stop, came the confusion, the fear and now the clarity of what is. The coronavirus came with the overview effect.  This effect allows us to see our thoughts, our actions and our belief systems. We now can see how we were in a society that sacrificed some for the sake of others. We are seeing, thanks to the virus, how we are in a system that disregards our elderly and sick as dispensable instead of as one of us. 

The virus is now forcing us to fast track adjustments that science has been warning us about for a long time.  Are we going to listen now?

A system that is built on the sacrifice of any, is barbaric. A system that is built on the sacrifice of many, is slavery. But the slave is only a slave until he recognizes himself as such. Then the slave becomes a rebel. And from there, the rebel looks for others like him or her. A Consciousness Rebellion is really what is going on right now. 

If it wasn’t for the virus, we would have never stopped and listened to the invitation that Mother Earth is making us. 

We have the opportunity to change our ways and do everything that we were supposed to do over the next 50 years in terms of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and bring balance to our communion with Earth now. 

If we restore the old, we will face extinction. If we align ourselves with the new, we survive. We need a new set of values and principles to have a conversation about the foundation of a new civilization. That’s what the consciousness rebellion is all about. 

There is no room for self-doubt anymore.  Now, we can see the old system, its flaws and learn from the lessons.  The time has come for us all to step into our power, our highest self-expression to co-create a new system based on love and understanding. 

I, like many of you now, understand that I wasn’t supposed to be a part of the old system- a system rooted in toxic competition, survival and fear. I can now remember my subconscious truth of belonging to a system grounded in collaboration, co-existence and freedom.  

If you feel like this, you are not alone. 

You need to be courageous to let go of the old and embrace your highest self. The sequence of events that we are a part of comes with an invitation to make a choice: Are we holding on to the folly and futility of what had been, for it brought us to the brink of extinction or are we defining a new set of principles and values to make the choice of positive polarity so that we finally align humanity with the natural cycles of life on Earth?

You need to detach from the comfort of the fear you know. There is a bigger reality calling you forth. 

Do you feel discontent with how things were? A persistent question in your mind? Why must that be as it is? Could it not be different? A curiosity and hunger for something more without even knowing what it is exactly that you are seeking? Trust this: it is an intuitive inner response to the call of your higher destiny

You are encouraged to take the adventure, to make the break and claim your freedom. 

There is more to you that what you know and once you go over the shock of the hard stop, after you overcome the fear of the unknown, after you adjust your eyes to the new light, you will realize that you can choose to be free and guide others. 

You are meant to explore inside and find out what is your highest potential in these transitionary times. You already know who you were in the old system; the question is who are you going to be in the new one? 

Be patient and loving with yourself. One of the most beautiful things about the Remembering is self-forgiveness and gratitude. You can now forgive yourself and others for what you did or they did to you in the unawareness as you look back from a place of understanding. This new perspective, this new vantage point of view will allow you to see how It is more important to decide what are you going to do next than dwelling on what you did in the past. 

If you had the opportunity to go back to the system that you have lived before and imagine a whole new one, what would you do?

Are you joining the Consciousness Rebellion? 

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