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Tag: Transformation

Seven Senses

3 Tips to Open the Heart Chakra

The medicinal power of self-love

by Erica Matluck

May 15, 2019


The Food of the Gods

A conversation on the many layers of cacao, with ceremony facilitators Florencia and Eric Fridman

by Genevieve Kim

December 5, 2018


As Above, So Below: Grounding Imagination

How can we bring more child-like wonder into our daily lives?

by Trent Rhodes

December 12, 2018


Til Death do us Part: An Exploration of the Relationship Between Love and Death

Why the uncertainty of life can lead us to greater love

by Jordana Jacobs

November 8, 2018


Declare Your Interdependence

As we grow older, Chip Conley encourages us to embrace growing whole, too

by Chip Conley

August 20, 2018

Notable Speakers

Exploring Your Life’s Work

In Conversation with Gene Keys Founder Richard Rudd about the 64 Facets of Consciousness

by Ian Q. Rowan

July 26, 2018


Finding The Higher Path

A writer’s journey to cultivating presence and introspection in the midst of New York City

by Micky Ayoub

July 4, 2018


Where Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science Meet

Exploring mental health & well-being with life coach Sah D'Simone

by Electrify Magazine

July 23, 2018

Rules of Impact

Alternative Ways to Unlock Consciousness

How people and brands are exploring immersive digital experiences and alternative drug therapies

by The Assemblage

September 26, 2017


Bringing The Outside Indoors with Biophilic Design

Recently, more homes and workspaces have adopted biophilic design principles to create inspiring environments that promote creativity and well-being.

by The Assemblage

April 9, 2018