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Tag: social media

The New Paradigm

The Consciousness Rebellion

The foundation of a new civilization

by Rodrigo Nino

March 31, 2020


From The Frontline

This is an invitation for those who are in the vulnerability group, the elderly, the ill and those who want to find another way out of fear.

by Rodrigo Nino

March 26, 2020


Why Human Connection is Essential to Our Health

Plus 7 Steps to Open Yourself Up to New Relationships

by Sah D'Simone

March 13, 2019

The New Paradigm

The Social Singularity

The first wave of the Internet has given us expressive capacities while empowering mega corporations to control our data for profit. What does the upcoming wave have in store for us?

by Daniel Pinchbeck

July 18, 2018