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Tag: Mindfulness

Seven Senses

Your Guide to The Sacral Chakra

Through the Seven Senses philosophy, Dr. Erica Matluck discusses how to heal imbalances of the emotional epicenter of your health

by Erica Matluck

January 23, 2019

Seven Senses

Seven Senses: An Integrated Approach to Health and Well-Being

Learn how to master your mind-body connection

by Erica Matluck

November 7, 2018

Notable Speakers

Waking Up is Impossible, But it Happens Anyways

Deepak Chopra explores the science of contacting our field of consciousness

by Deepak Chopra

July 25, 2018


What Happened When I Went on a 30-Day Silent Meditation Retreat

Writer Sah D'Simone gets to know his real essence in dark and challenging moments of inner silence

by Sah D'Simone

September 6, 2018


Finding The Higher Path

A writer’s journey to cultivating presence and introspection in the midst of New York City

by Micky Ayoub

July 4, 2018

Rules of Impact

Alternative Ways to Unlock Consciousness

How people and brands are exploring immersive digital experiences and alternative drug therapies

by The Assemblage

September 26, 2017


Dumeetha Luthra

Dumeetha Luthra knows a great deal about storytelling. She dedicated years of her life to reporting about war and conflict, traveling to the darkest corners of Afghanistan and Iraq as a BBC correspondent.

by David Passiak

October 25, 2017


The Transformative Power of Intention & Ritual

Breathing mindfulness into everyday

by Bibi Deitz

September 25, 2017


Feeling the Feelings of Others

A study of what it’s like to be empathic

by Bibi Deitz

September 15, 2017