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Behind the Lens of Photographer Genevieve Kim

Turning the camera around on the storyteller behind the #EYESEEYOU Project

by Samantha Katz

March 6, 2019


Creating a Cooperative Model for Social Good

CycleEffect Regenerative Venture’s co-founder Amanda Pinelli shares how the VC firm’s unique model of reciprocity and collaboration is a force for social good

by Genevieve Kim

September 29, 2018


Where Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science Meet

Exploring mental health & well-being with life coach Sah D'Simone

by Electrify Magazine

July 23, 2018


Always in Neverland —
The Tale of a Farmer Named Andrew Kluger

“It's a better day when you have to wake up early and do something that —before you do it— seems impossible.”

by Genevieve Kim

July 4, 2018