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Tag: Interview


Listening to Animals with Dr. Carl Safina

The conservationist and writer visits The Assemblage to discuss how we can perform as allies to our fellow species

by Paula Gilovich

January 30, 2019


The Hypnotic Sounds of Andrei Matorin

A weekly performer of The Assemblage VIBE musician series talks about his greatest influences, his calling and the rituals around his practice

by Samantha Katz

December 17, 2018


The Food of the Gods

A conversation on the many layers of cacao, with ceremony facilitators Florencia and Eric Fridman

by Genevieve Kim

December 5, 2018


Marci Zaroff: The ECOrenaissance Woman

Member and serial entrepreneur focuses on bringing the environment into fashion and the boardroom

by Genevieve Kim

December 13, 2018


Filmmakers Want to Make Weed a Human Rights Issue

New documentary explores the use of cannabis for cancer treatment

by Genevieve Kim

October 25, 2018


Creating a Cooperative Model for Social Good

CycleEffect Regenerative Venture’s co-founder Amanda Pinelli shares how the VC firm’s unique model of reciprocity and collaboration is a force for social good

by Genevieve Kim

September 29, 2018


Where Ancient Wisdom and Modern Science Meet

Exploring mental health & well-being with life coach Sah D'Simone

by Electrify Magazine

July 23, 2018


Rand Hindi

Dr Rand Hindi has a vision for the future that is peaceful and distraction-free.

by David Passiak

November 30, 2017


Christine Finley

Christine Finley has one rule when you meet her: please don’t call her Christine. But beyond that, everything goes for Finley, a magnetic and energetic artist turned social activist who is dedicated to creating scalable impact through paint.

by David Passiak

November 15, 2017


Soren Rose

Towering at 6’4”, Rose examines the world around him with a keen attention to detail that permeates everything he touches: cabins, workspaces, homes.

by David Passiak

October 15, 2017