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Tag: Environmentalism


Listening to Animals with Dr. Carl Safina

The conservationist and writer visits The Assemblage to discuss how we can perform as allies to our fellow species

by Paula Gilovich

January 30, 2019


Indigenous Leaders Call for Radical Shift In Consciousness

The Rights of Nature movement has advanced alongside global environmental concern

by Josef Reisenbichler

November 28, 2018


The Call for a New Narrative on Climate Change

Let’s suppose a world in which humans participate in the evolution of nature

by Genevieve Kim

November 14, 2018


Refueled Resources

New research and processes are redefining waste as a valuable resource rather than something to be thrown into a landfill.

by The Assemblage

April 9, 2018


Living Environments

Modern technologies are enabling fully autonomous, self-aware city systems to improve and prosper without the need for human intervention.

by The Assemblage

October 15, 2017