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Out of My Mind and Into My Soul

The time has come for the new step in human evolution.

by Rodrigo Nino

April 2, 2020


From the perspective of the mind, the enemy is the virus; from the perspective of the soul, it is an invitation to make a choice. 

We must find the answer in the wisdom of the soul that we couldn’t find in the knowledge of the mind. We need to go out of our minds and into our spirit. We know now that the order of the factors alters the end result. If in the old system we put the mind before the soul and it failed, we need to put our soul before our mind to now succeed in the new system. We need to feel the truth before understanding the truth so that we can comprehend the truth. Within the wisdom of the soul, the paradoxes, intractable problems and dead-end roads of the mind can be solved. 

All the coronavirus has done is exposing the real evil. We had a virus of consciousness that didn’t let us see the reality we were in. Many call it the false illusion of separation between our mind and our body. The virus has lifted the veil of that illusion and now we are adjusting our eyes to the new light and we must be patient with ourselves. After a few days, we will settle down and we can either contemplate to find our answer or we can forget ourselves a bit more and go back to the same. 

We could not see that we were in a system of competition, self-defense, scarcity and sacrifice. Now, all of that is exposed- everywhere you look, in every industry and every facet of human life: 

The benefit of some at the expense of others. Black or white. Male or female. American or not. Religious or not.

We were literally pitted against each other and we couldn’t see it.  It was all winners and losers and now that the old tune stopped, what are we going to play? 

The coronavirus feels like a great mirror to our experience now that we are forced to stop. We can now see our thoughts, our actions, our lives and our society as a whole. The virus has revealed how we are living and what we are valuing.    It is also giving us a great blessing. We are acutely aware and experiencing gratitude and self-forgiveness. We have the bliss of the arrival to that vantage point of view where we can be aware of our previous unawareness and with self-love and compassion say goodbye and thank you for bringing us to where we are. If it wasn’t for who we exactly were, we would not have made it all the way here. It was a long journey and all we had was our intuition and heart. We now know we need to change.We now can clearly see the mistakes we think we made and realized that they were learning experiences to get us right here right now. 

It feels like coming home as we move out of the initial shock and start getting over the fear of the screeching halt. We are realizing that it is not a Big Quarantine, but rather a Big Contemplation where we will be able to finally go inside. It’s feeling like this physical isolation will bring us together with our brothers and sisters in life. I can feel the ecstasy already of the collective community from all over the world who is writing these words with me. For me. In me.  I stop for a bit to feel the absolute, deep, radical, inner knowing, that I am not waking up alone. I laugh, I cry, I yawn, whatever it takes to feel the soul touching moment. In every country, in every city, in every town, from every corner of the world, people are feeling in their soul what they have always known in their minds but never really understood: we are all one. 

Mother Earth is giving us the bliss of the existential choice: are we doubling down in the old system of negative polarity or are we choosing the new one of positive polarity? 

We have some time to make the choice. At the end of the Big Contemplation we can emerge more interconnected with our true allies in life to start the foundation of a new civilization. 

Soon we will realize that there will be a time to celebrate and that it was always a new beginning and not the end. We will gain control over our life experience.

We earned it. We made it to this point in human evolution. If the old system mandated that we had to survive and fight one another over scarce resources, we did it. Many won, many more lost. Now, together, we realize that it is over. The game of sacrifice that we used to live in, is over. 

Now that we know, what are we going to do about it?

The virus exposes the weaknesses of the system in all its expression. It gives us just the time we require to do an introspection. There will be many who spend their time forgetting who they are even more. But there are others who want to hear about a new invitation; those who know that they were always part of the solution. 

Those, for which it is no surprise, that this was going to happen one way or another. Those that, although are not happy for the pain of the transition, are moved with the hope and faith that their participation in the foundation of a new civilization would come.

The time has come to leave behind the stage of competition for scarcity in the sacrificial era. The time has come to close the largest, oldest cycle known to any human being. A cycle that began with the very birth of the first of us. The moment of celebration arrived for having reached the new era of coexistence.

It is in the combination of the wisdom of the soul and the knowledge of the mind, where the true understanding is. It is from this understanding that a new group of principles, values ​​and virtues based on a new paradigm is defined.

The time has come for the new step in human evolution. The time has come for forgiveness, gratitude and reconciliation. The time has come to choose harmony over disharmony. 

We choose now that we understand and remember. 

Coexistence over sacrifice. 

Collaboration over competition.

Peace over violence. 

Freedom over slavery. 

We choose the highest over the old.

If you share the inner knowing that all beings and things are interconnected, a radical impulse of mutual care-taking and an urge to come together with others like you to envision the next step for humanity, then this is for you.

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