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In Conversation with Gene Keys Founder Richard Rudd about the 64 Facets of Consciousness

by Ian Q. Rowan

July 26, 2018


Can you imagine that the purpose of your life is actually embedded within your DNA? That human DNA is ever-changing, based on words and emotions? This is the philosophy of Richard Rudd, founder of the Gene Keys, a contemplative path rooted in ancient wisdom which allows us to access our highest potential.

Rudd visited The Assemblage NoMad to share the journey of developing the Gene Keys, which started on a morning in southern England, when he awoke to find himself in an altered state of consciousness without having taken any drugs or other substances. The experience lasted for three days and three nights, which led him to arrive at the Gene Keys, or 64 facets of consciousness that are imprinted in our bodies.

For each of the 64 keys, there are three layers: the Shadow, the Gift, and the Siddhi. The Gift arises out of the Shadow, the process of transmuting and facing our fears and perceived shortcomings into our creative Gift, which we can ultimately express through the Siddhi, a Sanskrit word that translates to perfection, or attainment and enlightenment. The key lies in the Shadow: through allowing, accepting, and embracing the Shadow, we can transmute it into our ultimate motivating force for good.

Rudd believes that in our hurried, modern world, contemplation is a lost art. Contemplation is defined as “approaching with softness, with gentleness, with majesty,” and requires frequent pauses to stop and breathe. Rudd’s goal in spreading his knowledge of the Gene Keys is to guide us toward an expansion of consciousness, creating collective intelligence and community awakening on a global scale.