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Notable Speakers

Exploring Your Life’s Work

In Conversation with Gene Keys Founder Richard Rudd about the 64 Facets of Consciousness

by Ian Q. Rowan

July 26, 2018

The New Paradigm

The Social Singularity

The first wave of the Internet has given us expressive capacities while empowering mega corporations to control our data for profit. What does the upcoming wave have in store for us?

by Daniel Pinchbeck

July 18, 2018

The New Paradigm

How Soon is Now?

The only way to confront accelerated global warming and authoritarian madness is profound systemic change

by Daniel Pinchbeck

August 15, 2018


Saving the World – One Blockchain at a Time

A look at some of the entrepreneurs developing blockchain projects with an ecological purpose

by Daniel Pinchbeck

August 1, 2018


‘I Really Don’t Care. Do U?’

What does German war hero, author, and entheogen explorer Ernst Junger’s Fascist metaphysics reveal about current events

by Daniel Pinchbeck

June 27, 2018


The Jordan Peterson Phenomenon

Questioning Peterson’s social philosophy and exploring his role in current culture wars

by Daniel Pinchbeck

June 15, 2018


Finding The Higher Path

A writer’s journey to cultivating presence and introspection in the midst of New York City

by Micky Ayoub

July 4, 2018

Rules of Impact

Alternative Ways to Unlock Consciousness

How people and brands are exploring immersive digital experiences and alternative drug therapies

by The Assemblage

September 26, 2017


New Frameworks Enabling Positive Impact

Methods, visionaries and technologies focused on the alignment of doing well by doing good

by The Assemblage

April 9, 2017


From Wall Street to John Street

Through access to technology, resources and space, individuals and businesses can shift away from a society driven by capitalism to one powered by impact.

by David Passiak

April 9, 2018