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Biohack the World to Fix Your Brain Health

Author and podcast host Dhru Purohit explores the gut-brain connection

by Simone Spilka

February 1, 2019


Dhru Purohit and David Choi, two of the world’s foremost biohackers, visit The Assemblage John Street for an interactive storytelling session and Q&A to discover what’s on the bleeding edge of anti-aging, nutritional and exercise science today.

Together they lead a conversation around how biohack the world to radically improve our mood and our overall brain health simply by improving our gut health. Purohit explains some of the common misunderstandings around our genes and DNA and tips for optimizing our diet to affect everything from our skin to our moods.

His three main ideas?

  1. The brain is not separate from the body.
  2. The brain and the gut are connected.
  3. Disease starts with inflammation, and most inflammation comes back to our lifestyle and environmental factors

Watch the video to learn about clean eating to support your genes, well-being and mental health.