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Trent Rhodes


Trent Rhodes is a career development consultant, literary artist and metaphysician with a focus on empowering clients to become their highest self-image in career and life. Offering a bespoke service, he challenges the powerful, conscious and driven to take the next step and transform at their edge. Experienced in the Gestalt-style coaching methodology, he combines tapping the subconscious mind’s potential with meditation, high-frequency conversation, martial arts and word power.

Trent was initiated into his spiritual path at age 10 with the introduction of martial training and embraced the inner autodidact. Through deepened connection with the God-source, self-study, experience and consistency in workshops, he’s synthesized the principles of metaphysics, alchemy and ancestral wisdom with practicality for 25 years.

What's your super power?

X-Ray Vision: Seeing into the layers of reality, stripping away the veils, and clearly communicating them.


As Above, So Below: Grounding Imagination

How can we bring more child-like wonder into our daily lives?

by Trent Rhodes

December 12, 2018