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Ian Q. Rowan


Ian Q. Rowan is a multi-disciplinary artist that combines media to create dynamic stories. Rowan is a writer, a professional photographer, videographer for commercial and documentary works, and all-around creator. Rowan was born in Oregon, grew up on a sailboat in central America until he was eleven, built a house with his father in Key West and attended Vassar College where he received a Bachelor of Arts. Rowan is also a member of The Life Aesthetic and the founder of the I Love You Letter video art project, producer and director of The Narwhal’s Wake, member of The Explorers Club, and Chief Storyteller for The Assemblage.

What's your super power?


Notable Speakers

Reggie Watts The Less-er Self Guided Animated Meditation

In honor of National Meditation Day take a 5 minute guided meditation break

by Ian Q. Rowan

May 31, 2019

Notable Speakers

Exploring Your Life’s Work

In Conversation with Gene Keys Founder Richard Rudd about the 64 Facets of Consciousness

by Ian Q. Rowan

July 26, 2018