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Genevieve Kim


NY-based artist and storyteller, Genevieve Kim is known for using her unique visual perspective to provide a loud physical manifestation to human courage, vulnerability and dignity as preserved through her lens.

Genevieve serves as founder and creative director of the cultural audio-visual magazine and the global photographic EYE SEE YOU Project, partner and Content Creator of Ubuntu Market, and co-host of the ISEEYOU Dinner series. Genevieve’s work has appeared in various publications, including the New York Times, UN Habitats Reports, AdWeek and MOZAIC. Explore some her stories at

What's your super power?

I see everyone’s superpowers.


Always in Neverland —
The Tale of a Farmer Named Andrew Kluger

“It's a better day when you have to wake up early and do something that —before you do it— seems impossible.”

by Genevieve Kim

July 4, 2018


Riding the Nue Wave

An interview with musical tastemakers & Nue Agency founders Alex & Jesse Kirshbaum

by Genevieve Kim

June 11, 2018


Tracing the Connections

An afternoon with Jovana Djuric, Excavateur of Life

by Genevieve Kim

May 29, 2018


Recognizing the Lessons with Donnalynn Civello

A spiritual teacher's personal journey to self-love

by Genevieve Kim

April 23, 2018