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Akasha Program

Welcome to Akasha, The Game of Life

A 28 day, 30-minute daily contemplation program. What are you going to do and who are you going to be when the quarantine is over?

by The Assemblage

March 31, 2020


Now that the quarantine has given you the time to reflect, you can see how you have the opportunity to choose between going back to the old system of negative polarity and sacrifice rooted in fear or moving on to a new system of positive polarity and coexistence rooted in love and understanding.

Indifference is proving to be the most violent feature of our species. What are you going to do now that you know?

We invite you to join a community who believes the world is going through a collective consciousness evolution and that we need to see what is and collectively imagine what it may be. There’s no going back and it is not to soon to start imagining the Day After.

This is a call to action for all of those who know that they are part of the solution. If you choose to reimagine yourself to transform your life and society anew, then this is for you. Join a community of individuals from all over the world to answer the most pressing questions now:

Who am I and what am I going to do?

If this resonates, you are an Assemblage member and we have created a program to assist you in changing your mind so that you can transform your life and society as a whole with the support of your true allies in life. This is a community exercise.

We must imagine as a species what we could not think through. We have created an online membership Quarantine edition for free.

See if this is for you and become a member of this community!

Step 1
Invoke your imagination into the new expanded version of yourself by visiting Consult your akashic records. There’s a specific blueprint with the path to the highest expression of yourself waiting for you. Do you want to remember who you really are?

Step 2
Visit The Hub to participate in the Collective Daily Contemplation to expand your mind into a new level of understanding, by incorporating wisdom to knowledge. Are you willing to change the way you think? Learn more here.

Step 3
Enjoy the Wellness programming in The Hub to nurture your mind and your body with the best practitioners in New York, ranging from yoga instructors, to sound and breath therapists, to nutritional consultants, etc. Check it out!

Fight or flight is unhealthy. Your cortisol level is up due to the extended uncertainty. Sleeping well, eating healthy, taking care of your mental and physical health is a priority to keep the immune system up.

Step 4
Now you are ready! How can you be of service? What are your gifts, talents and resources? How can you help?

Participate in the conversation with likeminded individuals at the end of the day. Out of my Mind and The Great Change are just some of the live-stream events on which you will be able to make your contributions and learn about what others are doing. Find out more and reserve your spot!

The day would come. You always knew. It is time to assemble!