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About Life and Death with Deepak Chopra

In this captivating podcast, Rodrigo and Deepak delve deep into the discussion of life and death.

by The Assemblage

April 3, 2020

In this captivating podcast, Rodrigo Nino and Deepak Chopra delve deep into the discussion of life and death.   They explore these existential questions through the guise of their personal experiences and provide personal insights and tools on how to cope with the feeling that is coming up for many of us at this time.

Via these compelling stories and anecdotes, we discover our humanity– our love, our triumphs, our losses, our hope- who we are.

We explore the intractable problem of receiving a diagnosis vs. a prognosis and how a shift in perception can shift the reality of the outcome.

We are encouraged to take a macro view of our dreamlike state of existence to ask the pertinent questions.

What is reality and what is identity? What is the source of thought? Do you know what it is to be formless?

Rodrigo and Deepak will take you into a meditative journey.

The audience will come out of this discussion with a newfound understanding of awareness of reality and what is described as human constructs with loopholes.

We conceive, construct and govern that which we want to see and hear. No cause can be ascribed to existence or the awareness of existence. Our only real identity is in the formless.  Listen to feel what I AM means.

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